Sunday, March 13, 2011


Man - that was a real blow.

I just found out - purely by accident - that I did NOT cleverly coin the phrase "kiss and vinegar." Oh, no. Apparently, it was the name of a song in the movie Ratatouille. I'm embarassed, I'm annoyed. Why didn't I think to Google my moniker before cementing my fate and registering? Why?


What's done is done, I suppose, and I stand by my choice. In keeping with tonight's theme of unoriginality, however, I'm going to skip the recipe and photo, and just get to the good stuff: the stuff written by people smarter and more original than I.

I recently discovered Remedial Eating, a real stand-up food 'blog. Her most recent post echoes my previous sentiments about foodshed eating in a place which suffers tragically barren winters (a resident of Ohio, she shares my chilly Pittsburgh clime). She also links to a New York Times article that, much like the NPR editorial I referenced, includes some wonderful (I'm so sorry) food for though on the subject.